October 31, 2011

Halloween Mantel Recap!

Happy Halloween!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! I know I'm excited to enjoy my daughter's first Halloween today. She's the cutest little penguin in Texas, in case anyone is asking. 

Instead of revamping my mantel today, I've decided to recap the last three weeks worth of mantels. Halloween has definitely been addressed at my house! And, I'll admit, I'm kind of sad to see those bats go. But, I'm looking forward to the Thanksgiving/Harvest themes that will be on deck in the coming weeks! 

Details of the mantels can be found through the following links:

Happy Halloween from my sweet Treat! No tricks here. 

I'm Ready To Party!


  1. Love the mantels! And that little penguin is the cutest! :)

  2. Magnificent Mantles AND Precious Penguin!!! Have a wonderful Halloween!!!

    Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

  3. Thanks, ladies!! I'm sure you'll both have some pretty precious little ones in your house tonight! I hope you share some pics with us! :)


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