November 7, 2011

Guest Mantel: It's Overflowing

Today Aimee from It's Overflowing is guest posting here at 52 Mantels to share with you her Autumn Whimsical-Nature Themed Mantel! I am so honored to have her here! Aimee and her hubby (the man behind her incredible photographs!) are in the process of remodeling their mid century ranch style home. If you aren't following her blog, do so!! Not only is she a supermom extraordinaire, she's also a baker, chandelier restorer, trash to treasure maker and savvy home renovator. She gave her pink fireplace a new life with inspiration and a little paint and I'm sure that gave a lot of people the courage to try it out on their own time-warped fireplaces! Basically, Aimee's blog is truly overflowing with know-how, vision and inspiration. And, then mix in a whole lot of love! 

Here she is:

Thank you so much Emily for letting me Guest Post here at 52 Mantels, where every Monday there's a wonderful new mantel inspiration ~ and lots of other projects all week long!!!  I'm Aimee, from It's Overflowing-- mommy to three sweet B's and married to my studly Photographer.  We're remodeling our 1950s original rancher and we'd love for you to join us each day as we share a little more about our DIY adventures. 

I was so excited when Emily asked me to share my Fall Mantel on her blog!!!  Now that the crisp wind has finally hit and apple crisp is baking in my oven!  It is officially Autumn --- I have the mantel to prove it!  If you've visited my blog before, you know that my girlie girl -- little B and I totally love ALL things birds!  She chose to study, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day for science this year and her passion seems to be growing!  Little B's been asking for a pet bird for quite some time, but cleaning the fish bowl and keeping the dog bowl full is my limit! Instead we choose to accessorize accordingly!  

A touch of feather, especially of the Peacock variety are interspersed throughout our home!  Wreath, Tablescape, get the idea!!!  After all, filling your home with the things that you love is what makes your home warm and inviting!

Beautiful iridescent peacock eye feathers is like eye candy!  I love the brilliant teals, emeralds and golds!  They're just so whimsical!  

This is a vase I found on Potterybarn clearance for $8ish several months ago. I dressed it up by placing a dot of hot glue at the top and attaching jute string to the glue and then wrapping and then continuing with another loop around the vase.  I didn't glue more then a row at a time because the glue dries so quickly.  I continued the jute until I felt the vase had the perfect amount of accent!  So Simple!  

This little bird, was found long ago at a garage sale with a price tag of 25 cents.  He is one of my favorite pieces and is perhaps partially responsible for my slight obsession with birds!

As we were pulling out of the farm where we'd taken our pumpkin patch pictures last month, I begged and pleaded for my Photographer (my hubby) to turn around and pull over!  I had instantly fallen in love with the fence (pictured above) and HAD to take a picture of my three sweet B's with it!!  Compliments my Autumn Whimsical-Nature themed mantel perfectly! 

The antlers are actually from my neighbor's house.  Her hubby is a hunter and as I watched my kids riding their bikes up and down the street the other day, I'm surprised that a car didn't hit one of my kids because I could hardly keep my eyes off of the pile of antlers that my neighbor had left on his driveway near the garage where he'd been fiddling with them earlier.  Guess what's #1 on my Christmas Wishlist!?!?  Yep, ANTLERS and the great thing is my Photographer (hubby) has a connection and I think I'm going to get some!!!  

This boa was in the newly revamped fabric section at my local Walmart.  I was impressed, six feet of a thin-ish boa for a $1something!  My mind is twirling around all the possibilities for future uses, but for now, my dog is looking GREAT!

There you have it, an Autumn Whimsical-Nature themed mantel from It's Overflowing!  When you come visit me, would you pretty please leave me a comment with a link so I can visit your Autumn Mantels, too!?!  I hope you'll follow along as we update you daily on our DIY adventures!

Thanks, Emily for letting me share some of my ideas with your readers as they start warming their home for this chilly weather!!!

Thanks, Aimee! I love how your Autumn-Whimsical Nature Themed Mantel turned out! Peacock feathers? Antlers? Birds? Yes, please!



  1. awww.. soo pretty! i love the combo of manly and girly!

  2. Ja nemam riječi...sve je tako prekrasno!!!!!

  3. Yes, I am learning how to decorate using my husband's latest kills! :) Your plaster ones on your books inspired me to do that with our real ones!

  4. I love the addition of the feathers! It give a pretty pop of color.

  5. Beautiful, light and clean! Thanks for sharing it.

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