February 22, 2012

Thursdays Are YOUR Days, Vol 7

Are you ready to parrrrr-tay?? 

If you're here to admire the awesome projects shared every week at Thursdays Are YOUR Days, prop your feet up and start clicking away at the inspiring links! Go forth and pin (from the source website, of course!). And, after you pin, DO. 

(Doing is pretty fun. It might even be more fun than pinning.)

(But, honestly, pinning might be more fun than doing. I don't really know.)

If you're here to share something inspiring...well, you know what to do!! Link it up, baby! And, then check out what your friends linked up. It's a circle of sharing. And, sharing is caring. And, caring is sharing...and yada yada yada, so forth and so on. 

Okay, I'll hush up now and show you what I've done this week (in case you've missed it!)

Last Friday I showed you the deliciously inexpensive birthday party invitations from my daughter's bird-themed first birthday party!
On Monday I shared the very special birthday party mantel!

And, on Tuesday, I stuck with the First Birthday Party theme and shared a sweet and sentimental photo timeline from my lil' punkin's party! (I may or may not have gotten teary while looking at the above picture and typing the above sentence. Sniff, sniff. I'm such a sentimental sap)

Plus, I showed you some awesome highlights from last week's party

And, what about you?? Link up your projects so we can admire!
1) If you aren't following 52 Mantels, please do so!
2) This is a party, so mix and mingle. Please check out some of your fellow party-goers!
3) Grab my button and put it in your post, on your blog or just add a text link back to 52 Mantels!
4) Feel free to link up as many posts as you'd like

52 Mantels

**Side note: Gosh, last week Inlinkz gave us fits! If you're still having trouble linking up, let me know and...well, I don't know what I'll do. Maybe have a stern lecture with my link manager. But, I can assure you, heads will roll! (In a completely hypothetical, violence-free, peace love and kindness sort of way.)

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Yep! I link up! 


  1. LOl. Wow I got here first today. Just noticed you posted like 20 seconds ago. haha Thanks for hosting. Love you party. Can't wait til everyone else gets here. :)

    By the way, the last couple weeks I've had to click the trouble linking up? "Try here" button. Not sure if its just me or everyone else? :/ Is that weird?? Never happened before and it's just at your party.

  2. Hi Emily!
    Once again it has been a great week on your blog! You are so creative and it inspires me to do more and be better at what I do :)
    I had the same problem as Karla :( Sorry!
    Make it a great day!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting Emily! Your daughter's birthday just looks perfect!!

  4. Thanks for hosting Emily!!! You're awesome :)

  5. Another fun party! Your daughter is adorable!

  6. Emily such a shame! I have nothing to link up today! I must get into some serious DIY and soon! LOL! Thought you might want to know that i'm now following you also via bloglovin'!
    Love, Olga

  7. Thanks for hosting, friend!! Hope you're having a fabulous day :)

  8. Hi Emily! Thanks for hosting. You know I look forward to this! I'm a little late...just got back from vacation, but glad to be here!

  9. Thank you for hosting this fabulous party! Have a wonderful weekend :)

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